Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Looking Good

David cut his lip on Monday night. It started to bleed just like the other lip cut, except we were able to control the bleeding in record time - 15 minutes! The other bleed lasted 5 hours and resulted in a trip to emergency and a platelet transfusion. Before he cut his lip I noticed his skin looked so clear, like the petechiae was disappearing. Which leads me to...

A Praise: We noticed in the last three days that his petechiae has looked very clear. Today, I only saw two spots on his forehead, and a few on his leg. He is usually covered here and there with them, especially in the heat. I have not done anything different with him. It has been many months since I have seen him look so well. I think his platelets are working better (for now). We believe his cut lip stopped bleeding so quickly because his platelets kicked in.

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