Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Diet and Nutrition

It's been difficult getting holistic doctors to take David with his complicated problems. But yesterday, we saw a famous holistic doctor by the name of Dr. Randall Neustaedter who wrote a very good book called the Vaccine Guide:Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults. He is a nice man and had great suggestions for David. Here is what I'm aiming for:

Organic meat - we've been vegetarian for over 15 years
More eggs
More saturated fat from organic dairy (butter, milk and cheese) - which is very good for childrens' brains

The supplements I am giving David are:

Chewable Calcium w/ Magnesium and Boron - this is calcium citrate not calcium carbonate which is from rocks and high in heavy metals including lead
Chewable Colostrum
He wants me to move away from chewable C to a buffered powdered C, which I'm having trouble giving him.
Marrow Matters - a liquid mixture of many chinese herbs to support the blood system.
Cod Liver Oil - tiny chewable capsules by Nordic Naturals, strawberry flavor
Vit E - a small chewable capsule that will protect the cod liver oil in the cells from going rancid
Capra Probiotics Plus - this is dehydrated goat milk with thousands of good bacteria

David recently got pink eye from his sister. He woke up four days ago with one eye sealed shut with goop. I immediately gave him extra doses of Capra Probiotics Plus. I was absolutely amazed by the power of this natural bacteria. The next day his pink eye was almost gone, so I continued to give extra doses. Now, day four, his eyes are absolutely beautiful! Yeah! No antibiotics!


Autumn LaPenta said...

Glad to hear David's pink-eye cleared up! We just got over a round of that, too. Such an inconvenience and try convincing little ones to not rub their eyes! Take care and I'll keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

Amy -- I'm sure you already did this, but make sure that none of the homeopathic stuff affects platelets. When Sam was teething and I couldn't give him motrin, I had looked into some homeopathic teething tablets. They ended up affecting his ability to make platelets. You guys are in our thoughts.

Julie Liscano said...

Hello Aimee...Just wanted to stop by and say Hi. I'm glad David's pink eye went away fast. That stuff sounds amazing. I also wanted to let you know that I contacted Dr. Candotti's group today and they are sending me a packet to look over and sign some releases. I can't thank you enough for getting me in contact with them. Hopefully within a few years they will have a cure for this disease and other mothers won't have to go through this like we are doing now. Keep up the good work with David you definitely know what you are doing. I only hope some day soon I will be as knowledgable as you.

Julie and Chris Liscano

Aimee said...

Yes, please be careful what homeopathic remedies you use. As a general rule, I do not use homeopathic remedies. I do believe in supplements, vitamins, minerals and a balanced diet which includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and proteins. I especially like the green juice mixtures and healthful smoothies. Blended soups are a great way to add veggies without them knowing it. We have a goal to eat as few processed foods as possible including eliminating sugars. We cannot stand foods with white processed flour. Our goal is to eat foods in their most natural state. Please, if you have found any helpful foods or supplements that has helped your son stay healthy, please let us know.