Saturday, April 01, 2006

Antibacterial Soaps

As soon as I posted the comments about using extra germ precautions, I read this in my health magazine (Delicious Living, March 2006):

Although getting rid of "bad" bacteria can help prevent illness, these antibacterial products kill the good stuff too. To strengthen immunity, the body must be exposed to and combat everyday germs. What's more, the widespread use of antibacterial products may well cause more powerful and resistant strains to emerge. When you take away the natural balance of bacteria, you can leave behind 'superbugs' that are more potent and antibiotic-resistant. Antibacterial soaps also contain triclosan. This chemical is like a pesticide. That's what kills the bacteria. The chemical may be toxic to your liver and kidneys.

A natural alternative which I have tested and I know works well - hand soaps infused with tea tree oil, a natural antibacterial oil that doesn't pose the same health concerns as synthetic antibacterial agents. I have used tea tree oil shampoo for head lice. I have also used it for ear aches.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee: I was wondering if you've seen anything with tea tree oil that can be used when you are out shopping (etc.) to wipe down shopping carts and wash your hands after being in the public (like the wipes or hand gel?) In the past I used the hand gel all the time but was worried about the future affects so I have stopped. If you do use something special especially for David please let me know. It must really be hard for you...worrying about his health and keeping germs at bay. You deserve three cheers!!! Deanna

Anonymous said...
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