Sunday, May 21, 2006

Infant and Toddler Massage

I am learning infant massage. David is absolutely receptive to it. He loves it. One rule is to always ask permission to massage. When I ask permission, the answer has always been, "Massage." Which I take as a "yes." One day he brought the oil to me indicating he would like a massage. So far, I have learned how to massage the feet, legs, stomach, and chest. It has been a spectacular way for me to bond with him. I did not realize how much we would enjoy it. The main reason behind learning, though, is to help ease his discomfort during the BMT. Also, massage is an excellent way to keep the fluids flowing throughout the body. As the toxins build up in the muscles and tissues, massage will help release them. It's a win for him!

Complimentary Therapies and Childhood Cancer. This study showed that "daily 15-minute massage from parent for 30 days. Assessed anxiety, mood in children and parents before and after first massage and on the last day of trial. Child’s complete blood count assessed first and last days of study. Massage was associated with reduced negative mood in children and parents and increased white blood cell count in children."

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