Wednesday, May 03, 2006

That Didn't Last Long

Will we ever see good long-term health? Please pray for our health.

Ariella had a 12-hour stomach flu on Sunday. David has it today. It's much harder to keep a toddler down than a 5 year old. He's doing ok though. I know it's not a brain bleed because he has not hit his head. It gives me comfort, as miserable as the stomach flu is, that Ariella had it first and passed it to David.

Dr. Glader was talking about giving David platelets every other week. He told me to "think about it" like he wanted my say in the matter. They've pretty much been in control of when he gets platelets. I did not know I had say in the matter. I said, "Yes, lets do every other week." Have they? No. We meet with Dr. Glader this Friday. My hope is that we will agree the platelets are not medically necessary and can space them out (or better, stop them completely).

Gotta keep life exciting...We're hanging in there even though it sometimes seems "if it's not one thing, it's another."

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