Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Day -6

The effects of chemo are slightly showing, but nothing bad at all. He is sleeping more. He takes two naps during the day and sleeps 9-10 hours at night. His appetite decreased but I don't blame him - hospital food - yuk! He is drinking lots of water and breastfeeding. He plays a lot during the day and has a burst of energy around 5pm which lasts for 2 hours.

He woke up with a raspy voice so I asked the nurse and she said it could be the chemo, that it is decreasing his immune system so he may be more susceptible. The chemo causes a little diaper rash, but it's not too bad yet. Michael bought A&D Ointment.

I had a productive day. I did a load of laundry on the third floor. A massage therapist came by to massage David but he refused, so I got the massage ;-) About 1 hour later, I got out my grapeseed oil and asked him and he let me massage his legs ;-) We played with playdough and made snakes. I made him a foam block house to hide from the nurses. Now he is jumping on my day bed and on my back. The physical therapist said that was good for his legs ;o) I bought a Swiffer and use it twice/day on the floor. I'm surprised by how much dirt, fuzz, and hair people track in here. We have a daily cleaning service, but it's not enough. David helps me sweep - more good exercise for his legs. Talitha and I took him outside (we are not in complete isolation until his white blood count drops) for some sunshine.

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aymieb said...

First of all, let me say I am praying for you daily - several times a day! I know our Father will sustain each of you as you walk through this challenge. Please know you are being prayed for and thought of often!
As for the diaper rash, Aquaphor (sold at drug stores) is incredible! Our pediatrician recommended it. It isn't harsh at all and works so well. You can use it every diaper change, even if there is no rash. I used it with the kids I nannied for as well as my daugher. My SIL, who is a pediatrician, also uses it nightly for her daughter.
Please give little David a kiss for me!
Take care and God bless you!
Amy Boyle