Sunday, August 06, 2006

+5 we are ready to jive

We've had a fairly quiet day. He received IVIG today as part of the program. IVIG stands for intra venous immuno globulins. It's used for people who have immune deficiencies. The globulins in IVIG are vital blood proteins, aka, antibodies. People donate plasma, which comes from B-cells. Inside the plasma contains lots of goodies: antibodies, red blood cells, proteins. The donors' (one dose of IVIG is from many donors - yikes - pray) plasma is processed, the antibodies removed and treated, what's left is IVIG. IVIG is very expensive but it's covered by our insurance. This is David's second dose of IVIG in his life.

He's been active today. Played ball, lots of jumping with my assistance, watched Zoey Dances and Elmosize DVDs, ate some more eggs, cheerios, cheese, gogurt, breastmilk, water, taquitos, even tried two bites of a banana. He was eating when the doctors did their rounds. They praised him several times for eating! We looked at the awesome nature photography of Tanja Askani. Check it out, especially the birds of prey. David enjoyed naming the different animals and placing several fingerprints on my screen ;-)

Our friends from church brought a weeks worth of fresh/frozen foods for me. Can't wait to try the hummus and chili, and that other dish which I cannot make out ;-) Speaking of making out, I cannot wait to see my husband one of these days. I miss my family a lot.

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