Monday, August 07, 2006

+6 Happy Improvements

Voice Improvement: His voice sounds better this evening ;-)

Diaper Improvement: His poop is looking better. The dr put a restriction on the healthcare professionals to wear gloves and a gown before they touch him because of his diarrhea. Thankfully, he does not have a bad case. His diaper was sent to the lab. His rash is almost gone.

Blood Improvements: He received platelets and red blood cell transfusions w/out any problems. Tonight he will receive another tiny dose of Methotrexate (chemo, 5mg), then again on Day +11, then that is it for chemo.

Line Improvement: Dr. Yu looked at his central line site and said it looked good, not infected. :-)

Outdoor Improvement: The funniest thing that happened is when the squirrel tried to eat the bird seed. The feeder snapped off the branch, the squirrel literally flew into our window and ricocheted into the tree! I tied a better knot on the feeder.


Anonymous said...

Praise God for the progress! You are continually in our prayers and your faithful updates via this blog helps me greatly in what to pray about! Today is a prayer of thanksgiving!!! Stay strong! God is using your family crisis to help a lot of people!!! With the highest respect and love, Pastor Mel

Anonymous said...

Still checking in daily and praying. Lots of my friends are also.

Love and hugs to both of you,

Susan/Grandma McNally

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