Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day +11

David's eye (mainly the left eye, sclera) is the reddest ever. The doctors say it's a type of conjunctivitis, although he has no other symptoms, just a red bloodshot eye. His Andenovirus test is still pending. He did not eat a lot today, not like other days, but gobbled down a whole avocado. Still not drinking much water (2 oz today). He gained 2 kilos. Go figure. He took his last dose of chemo without any complications, except a small diaper rash. His white blood cell went up to 0.2 (it was 0.1) but with the chemo, will not return for another 5-6 days, is my estimation. He realized today he has "no hair." Grandma McNally watched him for three hours while the rest of my family went home. Home sweet home. My church family brought another weeks of fresh/frozen meals and snacks. I hope I can find more time and motivation to work off the extra calories ;-) Playing with a toddler all day in a small room does not burn up many calories.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like David is doing really well, remarkably well.
Good on you for your perserverance,