Friday, August 18, 2006

Day +17

WBC 200
Platelets 47
Hemoglobin 9.7

He got another platelet transfusion today. Thats' three in a row. I asked for a blood test right after to make sure he got a boost and he did! Thankfully. If he did not get a boost, that could mean he is developing antibodies to platelet transfusions. So no worries. He also got a red blood cell transfusion. Please pray that all the transfusions are clean, virus free, and from healthy individuals.

I have an infant scale for 24+ hours to measure his breastmilk intake. I'm sharing the scale with my next door neighbor who is a 2 month old baby girl and had a bone marrow transplant. The scale measures in grams. I took his weight before BF and after. I use Google to make the conversion from grams to ounces. Did you know you can do conversions by typing in the Google search box "51g to ounces" He ate 2 ounces in seven minutes and 3 ounces in the other seven minutes. This is fun!

My other children came by to play and have a picnic dinner with us. David was extremely happy to see them.

Odwalla called me this morning to say a case of juices are on the way.

Tomorrow is Saturday. I'm looking forward to peace and quiet around here.

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