Saturday, August 05, 2006

Day +4 with lots more

Forgive me for bragging about my special syringe - ha! Nothing will work to get his Actigal down. At least tonight he kept it down. He ate like a bird for lunch and dinner. He drank breastmilk like an elephant. His WBC is now 0.3 I'm not sure whether to cheer or groan. It's almost to zero, then onto another journey watching it come back up. Keeps me on the edge of my seat ;-) Don't expect any great numbers until Day +14 or Day +25 at the latest. He is very suseptible now. I know the girls would love to see him but I think we will limit their visit.

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aymieb said...

Aimee, I just want to commend you for being such an incredible mother. I LOVE that you have the best syringe! That just shows how good you are at caring for your son - that you go out of your way to find what will make him more comfortable. The way you are working with the nurses with his nutrition and diet and all the work that takes - what an excellent caretaker you are for your little boy! I am in awe of your endless creativity and of your ability to face each day anew. I know that it is the Lord sustaining you through this all and my praise rises to Him. I have to thank you for being a daily inspiration to me and for sharing your experiences. Please give David a BIG hug from the Boyle family - our love to all of you!