Thursday, September 07, 2006

+37 Liquid Vitamin

Weight 11.2

I've been telling everyone who walks into the room about his high platelets. I am floating on air today.

I had a struggle with his oral meds. I give lots of hip hip hoorays after he takes them, but that does not help with swallowing them. I have no other choice but to hold him down by force. He got a grape chewable vitamin (we don't have a choice of flavor) and disliked the flavor. Every vitamin thereafter was rejected. The alternative was a liquid vitamin in a syringe. He associates syringes with meds, so I visually gave him a choice...chewable or liquid. He refused both. Oh, great. Since, I need to learn how to give the meds by myself, I chose liquid for him. I was successful in wrapping him up. However, when I put the syringe in his mouth everything came flying back into my face! I had yellowish stuff everywhere. That didn't work, but I had two more vitamin syringes saved up from the past couple days, so I tried another. Same thing. I'm glad I had the courage to try. Now I'm giving up. I cannot do this alone with a 2 year old. The NG tube will be placed in his nose tomorrow. The good thing is that he got a good laugh with orange stuff all over my face. I'm not one to hold grudges, so I laughed too.

The good news today is that he is disconnected from the IV tubes. Freedom for 6 hours today, then freedom for 12 hours tomorrow. I encouraged him to run in the halls. Great exercise. He was giggling and so happy to be running. He announced to everyone who walked by that he was "running."


Anonymous said...

Yea for running! And even more yeas for the high number of platelets.

Indeed, life with toddlers can be messy.

Love, hugs, and blessings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee: I use two different types of chewables for ds-- he also doesn't like the grape but there are a couple other options of flavors. I use animal parade through nature's plus (source of life)(my health food store gives samples- get a couple samples from the company itself and see if he likes them first.)and children's chewable vitamins through Trader Darwins (I bought these at trader joes)I try to use variety so he doesn't get bored with the taste. I was thinking- is there any way you could ground up the chewable vits and mix them with something he can eat and likes? For example: yogurt or a smoothie? If he doesn't see you do it-- would he take it that way? My hat goes off to you. Thinking of you and yours daily. D