Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day +36 - Prograf Goes Oral Tonight

WBC 4400
ANC 3780
Platelets 87k
Hemoglobin 13.6 due to the transfusion
Weight 11.7

Look at those platelets! I woke up to see only two IV bags: one for hydration, the other was Prograf. He was taken off Acyclovir (prevents viruses) on day +30. Dr. Argawal is researching the possibility of using Prograf (immunosuppressant) in IV form instead of oral. Prograf cannot be put down a NG tube b/c it sticks to the tubing. Meanwhile, he will get his first oral Prograf tonight. Please pray he does well with his oral meds. I would love to avoid the nose tube and 24 hour Prograf IV.

I forgot to mention a few days ago, that he is allowed to eat fresh fruits and veggies. They have to be washed well. However, his diet is deplete in them. He is eating Captain Crunch (family, please don't disown me), whole milk, and rice. Not much in between. I have offered him tons of things and he says everything is "yucky." I ignore him because I do not want enforce his bad eating habits. Please pray his mind will change.

It looks like we will go to RMH on Monday or Tuesday. Lizzie gave me the discharge instructions today. I bought a new cookbook called 500 Recipes with 3 ingredients. We don't have much space at RMH, so the less ingredients the better.

The girls started school yesterday. They had a blast and could not wait to do school today. Our nanny is doing an excellent job with them. I wish I had time to write about all the great things she is doing with them. I miss them a lot. I'm happy and sad. I am happy they are in good hands and sad that I am missing months of their development. They both have changed so much. Adira is reading Anne of Green Gables and gets upset if she does not have time to read. Ariella is doing an excellent job at learning to read too, however, she is active and enjoys moving more than reading. I could go on about the other things they are doing but I'll save that for later.

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Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see the engraftment news. That is awesome. I hope that things continue going well and that you will be home soon. I know how you miss your girls because I missed mine too when Baden had his transplant. My daughter just read Anne of Green Gables too and we just got back from Prince Edward Island so she got to meet 'Anne.' Once David is better and you get back to a normal life sometimes you will shake your head and wonder if all this really happened.