Sunday, September 24, 2006

Day +54 Awesome Hawk

We had an awesome day today. Michael and the girls brought their bikes and we went for a ride around Stanford. It was David's first bike ride since the BMT. It felt so good to do something as a family.

While we were on the bike trail, a huge hawk (I'm not sure what kind) literally flew inches from my nose. I could have held out my arm as a perch! I yelled to get Michael's attention so the family stopped peddling and watched the bird land on a branch. We had lunch on campus then rode back to RMH.

The girls played with David outside then I had them come in for an Early American History lesson. We learned about 'individuality' and read a portion from Leif the Lucky. I'm teaching them history one day per week, while the nanny focuses on the other subjects.

I can't wait to repeat more of these family days.

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