Tuesday, October 03, 2006


WBC 5200
Hemoglobin 10.7 still going up a little
Platelets 195k Wow!
ANC 5100

His Prograf is therapeutic. His MMF (Cellcept) is therapeutic. They decreased the steroids to 2ml/twice day. The Prograf was increased to 6ml. The MMF stays the same.

He's been coughing more than usual at night. He had a chest x-ray (very cooperative) and it was fine. His lungs are clear. We'll keep an eye on him and hope the cough improves.

He has had no diarrhea, vomiting or fever since we left the hospital! Praise God!

I changed his dressing tonight. He did not like it but it had to be done. His site looks great! I change the Hickman line caps twice/week, which makes me nervous. Everything must be clean and sterile so not to introduce germs into this line.

His NG tube is due for a change next week. Karen wants to give him Ativan to calm him down before inserting the tube. I'm not sure how much it will calm him. Remember he woke up during anesthesia. Let's pray it goes well.

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