Wednesday, October 18, 2006

+78 A Fun Day

We played with Joseph and Jennifer today. Joseph got back from the hospital yesterday. David was so happy to see him. They did running races and bicycle races, until I had to tell them to rest b/c Joseph has asthma. Jennifer is a 3 year old Hispanic who had Neuroblastoma before transplant. She is very active and has a beautiful smile, bald head and all.

I let David and Joseph paint on the kitchen table. I got a phone call and had to step outside. When I came back there was paint all over the wall and smeared over half the table. Joseph is 5 years old, so he helped me clean it up. Thankfully, it all came off. I thought playdough would be a better option, so I asked all four kids: Joseph, Daniel, Jennifer and David if they wanted to play with playdough. They had a blast.

David and Joseph helped me make dinner. I was making a salad for my dinner. I wasn't sure what David was going to eat. My salad's are really good: romaine mixture, organic cherry tomatoes, apples, feta cheese, dressing, avocado, walnuts and cranberries. The boys helped eat most of the apple and while they were at it, I offered an orange and corn on the cob. That was David's dinner. It helped that Joseph was partaking in the action. I'm not crazy about feeding other people's children, but with Monica's permission, Joseph can join us any time.

I forgot to mention a couple of nature experiences. A Cooper's Hawk landed on the play structure outside our window, just long enough for us to get a nice look. Last night on a walk outside we saw a screech owl. And, there is a large patch of Mexican Bush Sage where I saw at least 10 hummingbirds today. They were singing and very happy!

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