Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day +70 Rolling Right Along

WBC 4300
ANC 3500
Hemoglobin 10.1
Platelets 208k - Wow!

David is doing great, no fevers, rashes, diarrhea, or vomiting. His NG tube was replaced today. He did not like it, but did better than the last time. At night he has been coughing but his lungs are clear as a blue sky. Sometimes the cough sounds productive, sometimes dry. We are just watching him. His Prograf was increased to 7ml, 2/day and the steroids reduced to 1.5ml, 2/day.
The volunteers who give of their time for the families at RMH is incredible! Yesterday, a photographer from the Stanford Blood Bank held a photo shoot for our wing. The photos were free. I hope to post them soon. David was so cute sitting in his tonka dump truck. He received more hand crocheted blankets, fleece blankets, quilts, and crocheted hats! We haven't seen Art the clown in a couple of weeks (his daughter lost one triplet, then lost her twins at 4 months gestation). Every other week they hang new toys on our door and last week I received a gift bag with body lotion, gel, shampoo, and a lufa pad. As generous as Ronald McDonald is, I'm glad he does not give us carcinogenic McDonald's food!

This week is the Feast of Tabernacles, which my church observes with festival sites located all over the United States and the world. My family usually takes advantage of this time by traveling overseas to celebrate with brethren from all over the world. We deeply miss fellowshipping with our church family during this time of year. However, I have access to a cybercast, which is transmitted live from the festival site in Bend, Oregon. It's been fun seeing familiar faces on the live video and chatting with brethren in the chat room! There are a few other festival cybercasts available in the U.S.

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