Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day +121 Zenapax a.k.a. Daclizumab

WBC 9500
ANC 7100
Hemoglobin 9.5
Platelets 350k

Awesome numbers!

He went to the Day Hospital today for:
  1. His first infusion of Zenapax (immunosuppressant) which is the monoclonal antibody that Michael mentioned. This is a kosher antibody, not from horses, rabbits, or mice serum. It was originally produced in mice, but it was cloned into a synthetic drug. This will eventually replace the Prednisolone (steroids). We want him off of steroids ASAP to prevent stunt of growth. Zenapax is only administered at the Day Hospital. For the next six weeks we will go to the DH twice/week. The doctors will practice their art of medicine for 3-4 months to wean him off of steroids.
  2. His rash is doing much better, however, he had a flare-up on his legs. The Zenapax should take care of that within a week. Thankfully the rash on the legs does not itch.
  3. His hemoglobin went up by itself. The hemoglobin was low a few weeks ago because of the graft-vs-host rash. The rash was suppressing his bone marrow and the red cells could not regenerate quick enough. It takes much longer for red blood cells to mature than white blood cells. They tested him for about five potentially different problems. We are so happy all of the tests came back negative.
  4. He received IVIG today, which he gets every two weeks. This boosts his immune system.
  5. Karen removed his two stitches from the skin biopsy two weeks ago.
  6. Dr. Weinberg said the biopsy does look like GVHD (graft-vs-host disease).

He still needs prayers for the rash. We hope and pray the immunosuppressants (Cel-Cept, Prednisolone, Prograf, and now Zenapax) will cure the graft-vs-host rash. They are masking the problem for the short term. We ask God to bless him with a strong immune system to head off the rash in the long-term, so we will never see it again! Dr. Weinberg said we are lucky it is a rash we are dealing with b/c it is easy for them to treat since they can see it.

He is on 4 immunosuppressants now! That is overkill and puts him at risk for serious infections. Please pray for God to protect him and the rest of our household during this winter season.

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Anonymous said...

Aimee, I am praying for David to be healed of GVHD immediately. Whether the Docs think you all are lucky its just a rash or not I know you and everyone who cares wants David not to have any of it! God Bless and continue to strengthen you and your family.
Love Mjulela