Tuesday, January 23, 2007

+175 Low Lymphocytes

The chimerism study done two weeks ago showed low lymphocytes. I think Karen said CD3s. He is still engrafted, but they are not sure why the test showed low lymphocytes. They repeated the test last week, so I expect to see the results this Thursday. I asked to see the results but Dr. Argawal said when the new results come in she will sit down with me and discuss them both.

Lynn Goodenough, our BMT coordinator at Blue Shield of Calif, called to say she is closing David's case. She is still available to answer questions or just to chat. She said they will open his case if they have to do a DLI. Huh? What's a DLI? Donor Lymphocyte Infusion. I was curious if she knew something I didn't know. She said she has no idea if they are interested in doing this.

Please pray the chimerism test on Thursday does not show low lymphocytes!

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