Thursday, February 08, 2007


WBC 6300
Hemoglobin 9.8 - up from last time
Platelets 292 - very cool
Weight 12.3 - stable

We were in the Day Hospital today for Pentamadine and Zenapax infusions. We saw Monica and Joseph, friends from Ronald McDonald House. Karen and the doctors are away at a BMT conference, so Lizzy visited us. There was not much to discuss b/c she is not a doctor and cannot answer my questions. The steroids were not reduced so I think they will consider it next week, when it's more convenient for them.

David is doing fine. No complaints. He is eating, playing, laughing, and getting into trouble. He loves to cut paper and punch holes. Every day, there are little pieces all over the floor. Then, he loves to use the hand vac to clean them up. He is talking more clearly and trying so hard to speak in complete, thoughtful sentences. He loves to get in on the table conversation and tell us his version of the story, which makes us laugh so hard! The other night he joined me on my knees while I was praying in the girls' room. After that he crawled into their beds, gave them a good night hug, and blew them a kiss. God has given him a sweet heart.

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