Wednesday, July 11, 2007

+332 Day Hospital Today

WBC 13.5 - a little high b/c he has a nose cold
Hemoglobin - 11.0
Hematocrit - 31.6 - low
Platelets - 352K
Weight - 12.5 kilos

He had IVIG and Zenopax today. The skin GVHD has gotten worse, dry, and itchy so we are going up to 4.5mg steroids/once/day. After we get a stable Prograf level and the rash under control with steroids, we will then taper the Prograf. The plan is to taper the other immunosuppressants before tapering steroids. They always like to taper steroids first b/c there are more side effects caused by steroids. In David's case, it's proving to be different, so they will taper the other immunosuppress. before the steroids.

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