Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Expanding Our Horizons

The sunrise looks brighter today. We got cautionary okay to do all kinds of stuff. We can go to Sea World. Any outdoor event where there are people, is okay. We just have to use a lot of hand sanitizer and avoid close contact with other people.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Aimee!

Just catching up on your blog, and so glad to hear you have the okay for Sea World! David will love it!!! And so will all of you! Hope you get to go soon!

Sorry to read about your recent scare with the iron pills! How scary! So glad everything turned out okay!!

I would have loved to have participated in the blood drive, but had a date with me daughter that day. I hope you had a great turnout!

Lets try to figure out when we can do our scrapbooking date!


helenandniall said...

Hi Aimee,
We're really glad to have found your blog. David could be our 15 month old son Peter. They have so many similarities. We're currently familiarising ourselves with BMT which has just been suggestesd to us as an option. Like David, Peter's only symptom is low platelet count (most recently 15K). One query - David's helmet looks great, could you let us know where you got it from? We have a softtop but David's looks better. Back to your blog to keep reading, thanks.