Thursday, November 08, 2007

Day Hospital, Zenopax, IVIG

WBC - 14.3
RBC - 12.2
Platelets - 321
Prograf - 6.5
IgG level - 678 (low normal)
ABS Lymphocytes 0.9

David's steroids were increased a few weeks ago. The steroids suppress the immune system so they want to keep him on IVIG. They used a different brand of IVIG and gave him hydrocortisone and Benadryl. These measures prevented any allergic reaction. He did fine. He also got a Zenopax infusion.

He is doing pretty good. He's been in good health and active. His skin still feels sand-papery but it does not bother him. His scalp peels a lot so I continue to use the steroid creme on his scalp. I don't use the creme on the rest of his body since the dryness does not bother him.

We continue to expand our horizons. We take him almost everywhere, but always using caution. I'm waiting to hear from the doctors if I can put him in a gymnastics class.

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