Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Admitted to Stanford

WBC - 19.4
Hemoglobin - 16.0
Platelets - 275k
Weight - 12.9 kilos
Height 36.7 inches

On Monday night he started vomitting. It lasted all night. On Tuesday morning he had two diapers full of blood, which brought me to tears. They admitted him to Stanford. They are giving him fluids and his meds by IV. The labs are pointing to an intestinal bacterial infection. He drank some milk Tuesday afternoon and held down some crackers. After some more milk, it did not sit well with him. Today, Wednesday, he said he is not hungry. He is urinating fine. No bloody diapers as of 8:30am. The nurse waited all night for him to break a fever but his temp resided around 100 degrees all night. They told me we will be here through the weekend. His skin was looking really bad since he could not keep the meds down. After being on IV meds for 12 hours his skin looks much better.

The plan is to:

Hydrate, give meds - done
Take cultures of the bloody diaper and peripheral blood - done
Wait for cultures to grow
Get him to eat and drink
If he has more bloody diapers, then they will do an endoscopy
Keep him comfortable and happy

The girls will be here with me all day. They have homeschool work to do. I hope Child Life will chip in and provide art and craft supplies. Yesterday, the Warriors (NBA Basketball) mascot, Lightening, came to visit David. He had a cheerleader with him. I was totally offended and embarassed by her lack of clothing! Totally unprofessional. What is this world coming to? The girls could not bring their eyes to look at her, they were equally embarassed. I wonder what they have in store for us today...the BMT Playboy Bunny?


helenandniall said...

Hi Aimee
We were very disappointed to see that David is back in hospital, hopefully his visit will be a short one and we hope he bounces back quickly. I can imagine your dismay when you opened the bloody diaper but fingers crossed its a simple bacterial infection that will reolve soon with iv medication. The cheer leader sounded interesting but maybe a bit inappropriate for a childrens ward!
We are thinking of you all stay strong.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

We will be praying tonight, Aimee.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Aimee!
I'm so sorry to read that David is in the hospital, and having such a hard time! I'm glad his skin is improving, and I pray the infection will clear up soon so you can be back in your comfortable home soon!

I pray for strength for you, Aimee, and that you stay as alert and on top of things as you have been! You're an awesome mom, and David is so blessed to have you!

Thanks for all your support and encouragement on Ethan's site! I really appreciate it!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Aimee, I know that words are a blur for you right know but I hope you can feel the love and prayers being sent up for you and to you for your family. My prayer is for your faith to be maintained and your fear given completely to the Lord. He is the Doctor. God Bless and Keep you as always.

Anonymous said...

We're thinking of you guys in Boston. Hope you're out of the hospital soon and David's skin/gut issues clear up.
Take care,
Kerry Veitch