Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Day +701 Probiotics

David is feeling pretty good today. He rode his bike. His appetite is back too.

I took him to the Day Hospital for Zenopax (immunosuppressant) infusion today. We were not even scheduled to go today; they messed up the appointment. Since we were laying low today, I offered to come in.

His white blood count was high. The nurse practitioner (NP) said that he might have a recurring bacterial infection like c-diff, rotovirus, or a number of other infections. She sent us home with sample containers, so when he did his dirty deed it went into the container. I'll take it to the lab tomorrow. The NP said in the future I should call and let them know if David vomits or has diarrhea. The feta cheese may not have caused it after all, but we shall see what the lab results reveal, if anything.

If he goes on antibiotics, the NP said we can give him probiotics to recolonise his GI track. I asked his doctors back in February if we could give him probiotics and they said only if they are pasteurized. I could not find anything on the Internet like that, who would pasteurize their probiotics killing the good bacteria? I spent days researching. All of the research pointed to the dangers of giving probiotics to the immunosuppressed. I also consulted with other GVHD patients and they said to steer away from probiotics.

I would not normally announce this in a public setting, but I was fasting today. This week, I was reminded about Jesus Christ's instruction to keep asking, knocking, and seeking. I did not have a particular reason to fast except to loosen the burdens. I feel some burden was lifted when I was told he could take probiotics.

The NP said we have to be careful to choose the right probiotic. I will soon find out and let you know.

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