Wednesday, September 10, 2008

+771 - Day Hospital

WBC 11.6
Hemoglobin 15.2
Platelets 281k
Weight 33lbs
BUN 30H (we came to DH first thing in the AM he had not had a drink)

He is getting IVIG and Zenopax. About 4 weeks ago we went to the beach on a Friday then again on a Sunday. I had him completely covered head to toe but the sun did a bad job on his skin. It totally flared up. Dr. Argawal decided to do Zenopax every two weeks. So we come to the DH every other week.

His blood pressure today, before his meds, was 152/109! I gave him the meds and it went down to 123/80.

He is still not growing much ;-(

We are preparing for a trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia and Orlando, Florida. We will have two more DH visits then we will be set to go.


Predisone 2mls/twice/day
Meltaway antacid - once/day
Septra 4mls/twice/day
Prograf 7mls/twice/day
Isradapine (blood press) 2mls/twice/day
Multi-vit w/out iron - once/day
Liquid Calcium w/Magnesium - once/day
Nordic Naturals Omega Oil - once/day
Zenopax - every 2 weeks
IVIG - every 4 weeks

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