Wednesday, October 01, 2008

+792 Ear Wax Removal

The removal of his ear wax went smoother than I thought. The Otolaryngologist used a thin long vacuum. She removed it from the right ear, but the left ear wax is hard so she told me to use over-the-counter Debrox drops for 4-5 days/twice/day. He'll go back for a follow-up on Oct 10, and he'll see the Audiologist to repeat the hearing test.


Zachs_mom said...

Hello! Thank you for your site and the wonderful information! My son Zachary had a successful BMT for WAS in April of 2005. It is so hard to find support groups for this rare disease. He started kindergarten this year. He has been successfully weaned off all IV and oral drugs but is still unable to get all his vaccines. We are one of the success stories. I am trying to find other mom's that are carriers but choose to have other children. We are considering the preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Thanks again for the great info!


Susan said...

Hello Aimee,

Its just Susan Rugless here Zac's Mum.
First thank you for the note on Zac on your blog it was very sweet of you no one has ever done that before so thank you. It put a tear in my eye.
Second is I need to ask you a question if that is ok with you, i see that David is having high Blood pressure is this something David was born with or is it Transplant / Drug related or is this from WAS. Sorry Zac has high blood pressure but it was not picked up till he was about 4 months old and he is still on blood pressure meds and I was hoping you might be able to tell me.
Hope you all are well.
Thanks Susan