Sunday, January 04, 2009

+867 Trip to Yosemite, Angles Camp, and Big Trees

David's BP today was 110/91. So, the patch must be working. However, he found the patch on the kitchen floor...hmmm...he said it must have fallen off when he got dressed. I applied a new one.

We had an awesome trip to Yosemite! There was snow everywhere. The trees and branches were covered in beautiful white snow. The river rocks looked like puffy marshmallows. The children found a hill for the snow saucer. David went down the hill so fast we could not stop him from bumping his head on a tree. It was not too hard and he got up and went down the hill again, this time on his sister's lap. I can imagine if he still had WAS, that the bruise would look like a huge knot. We are thankful he healed quickly and got right back on his feet.

Then we drove to Angles Camp, famous for the frog jumping festival. We stayed at the Angles Camp RV and Camping Resort, which I highly recommend, especially on the off-season. The campsite had a covered picnic table, a flat surface for our tent, an outdoor light, and an electrical outlet for our heater! The resort offered warm bathrooms, warm clean free showers, a microwave, games for the children, a playground, and was peaceful. We had rain for one day, but our tent stayed dry and warm! We drove to town and found a letterbox too. The children had so much fun.

The following day we drove up to Big Trees. We went to the Visitor's Center which told of the history of the great sequoia trees. The children quickly found a hill for the snow saucer. Then we signed up for a snow shoe walk (1-1/2 miles) on the North Grove loop trail. It was so much fun and invigorating.

It's so important to take retreats like this. We bonded and had fun together. It also helped me get my mind off some heavy issues happening in my life. I'm so thankful we have enough flexibility to get away.

I'll post pictures in about 1 week!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you all had such a good time. Although I still can't quite wrap my mind around camping in January! Love ya--Errica

Paige said...

Sounds awesome! Yeah, if David were still pre-BMT, I bet he wouldn't have been allowed to slide down that hill. :-)