Saturday, March 07, 2009

+948 Suddenly ill again

We had a good time at church, then drove to the beach for some fun. It was almost time to leave the beach then David threw up. We got home ok, gave him a bath, and put him to bed. It's coming out both ends. He is talking, wants to eat, and drink. I thought we just went through this about 1 month ago. I could tell he was not feeling well for the past week. I had a strong sense he was going to throw up. He is resting. I will probably be up most of the night tending to his needs unless he recovers quickly.

I cried a lot today (many of us moms with ill children cry a lot), even before this all happened. I just want my boy back. He does not look like the David we used to know. He is obviously not growing and it makes me sad to see him so small.

The beach was beautiful today. I enjoyed watching the girls play in the water (freezing cold) and dig in the sand. The sailboats were going in and out of the harbor. We had fun flying our kites. The Ely Family joined us. I had fun visiting with them and watch their son act silly.


Anonymous said...

I just love you and your kids so much and I want you to have the healthy family you should have. You really are an amazingly strong person and I know you'll just continue to get through the bad days to enjoy and celebrate the good!

Olismum said...

Aimee - this post made me cry too. I know just what you mean - I just want Oliver to be the 3 year old boy he WANTS to be without us keep telling him to be careful, don't go on there, keep away from here.... I agree with Errica, keep doing what you are doing, you really are a rock to all of us WAS mums. xxxx