Sunday, August 03, 2014

+2917 Arm Rash and Happy 8th BMT Anniversary!

While traveling in the Pacific Northwest on vacation.  David came down with this rash on his left arm on Monday, July 28, and it's gotten worse.  It's swollen now too, and hurts to the touch.  It's not the wounds that hurt but inside where the swelling is.  The right arm has some rash too but is not swollen and not as red.  His eye lids are affected and the GVHD rash is popping out on his forehead and neck.  The eyes, forehead and neck do not itch, but the arms itch a lot.

He's had similar reactions to mosquito bites on his back before.  

We've been swimming in the Pacific Ocean at Rockaway Beach (in a full body wet suit), and swimming in the Salmon River in Mt. Hood area.  

It looks like poison oak but he said he was not playing in poison oak.  Also the way it's spreading is looking more like a GVHD flareup.

He has been wrestling with Jonathan on the grass at our vacation rental - like every day, several times/day, wearing short sleeve shirts.

His sun exposure has been minimal and if he's in the sun, we are using sunscreen and sun hats.

I took him to Urgent Care because I did not bring the hydrocortisone ointment.  The doctor prescribed the 2.5% and said to take Benydryl.  We've done that for Friday (8/1) and Saturday (8/2).  I don't have the special cream for the face, so I'm using hydrocortisone on the face.  His eyes and the rash on the face do look improved, but the left arm is not improved and hurt/swollen/itchy today.  The rash keeps moving upward, towards his bicep.  

August 1 was his eight year BMT anniversary!


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