Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The dermatologist at NIH gave us more information about David's eyes. The rash has spread to the outer edges of his nose and mouth. We thought is was eczema, since a symptom of WAS is eczema. The derm. said he has sebhorrea. I believe this is the result of an immune deficiency. I'm still looking into it. It's so hard to take the diagnosis of just one doctor and immediately start using the drugs. For one thing, she said she does not know why his tear duct is blocked. A lot of goop in the one eye is from the blocked tear duct, not sebhorrea. On the other hand she noted to her assistants, "do you see the crusty stuff" The crusty stuff is in only one eye - the one with the blocked tear duct. It's still all very confusing to me and I really dislike administering medication for a diagnoses I do not feel comfortable with.

We're still waiting for the referral to see the opthamologist.

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