Wednesday, August 31, 2005


David and I had a wonderful trip to NIH. They will follow David's progress for the rest of his life, so we will visit NIH one time per year. They drew a lot of blood from both arms. His platelets were pretty low (35K). I am figuring out just by looking at his skin and the amount of bruising, if his platelets are low. For about the past month, they have been 35-45K - not any higher. Since WAS is progressive, it's looking like his platelet numbers are progressively getting lower. They peaked at about 75K when he was an infant but have progressively gotten lower. They are still not at a dangerous level. When they get below 20K, they want to do transfusions and things like that. The doctor at NIH had a lot to say, too much for me to write in this blog. Basically, they think he looks "good" and agreed at this point that he has a mild case of WAS. The blood tests will give us more information about his immune system.

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