Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Transfusion 4/11

The nurse told me David has had 11 platelet transfusions! Poor guy. I can't wait for this to be over. He did well today. We got up really early today. Spent 8:30-11:30 at Stanford. They said there is a platelet shortage. I thought for sure we would be there longer. If you feel like donating your platelets, please contact the Stanford Blood Center .

The nurse was not watching him when he grabbed his syringe full of blood and skwirted it all over the bed then rubbed his hands in it. Thankfully, it was a reject, just a small amount they pull out before taking a real sample. The girls did ok too. A volunteer came to our room and did a few crafts with the children.

Regarding Platelet Donations. The new Stanford Blood Center called Hillview Center is the best place to donate, with brand new recliners, personal DVD players, and delicious drinks and food. It's located near Foothill Expressway and Page Mill Road. It takes 2 hours to donate platelets. You need to have donated whole blood within the past 4 years first, before you can donate platelets. You can donate platelets 24 times/year! The centers are open around 7:30AM and close at 7:30PM. You need to be in good health and not on medications, however, blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds are OK. People feel better after donating platelets because the blood, after the platelets are removed, is returned to your body. You will not feel run-down like a whole blood donation will do. The blood does not touch the machine and everything is very clean, there is no health risk. Every platelet kit is brand new.


Anonymous said...

My husband donates platelets regularly. The best place to donate is Stanford Blood Center's Hillview donation center. It's brand new and state-of-the-art. They have personal DVD players at each chair, and you can bring your own movie or watch one of theirs. They serve all kinds of goodies - cookies and great juices. Also, Tom often comes home with very nice t-shirts too. Call for an appointment: 1-888-723-7831. Open for donations on Saturday!

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