Friday, July 07, 2006

Welcome to the World of Central Lines

When we came back to Stanford on Thursday for the second dose of antibiotics, they said the blood cultures came back positive. David had bacteria in both lumen lines. He was feeling fine. No fevers. No crankiness. Playful. Happy. They said he had to be admitted right now. That's such a weird feeling to get admitted with nothing on hand but the clothes you are wearing. The girls were with me too. Michael lovingly brought me everything I needed. They have David on 24 hr. antibiotics as a precaution. The blood cultures have not grown anything, so that is good news. Please pray specifically that his lumen lines clear, show no sign of bacteria, and that we can go home on Monday, as planned. They will not let us go earlier because the rule is to keep the patient captive for 72 hours just in case the blood cultures grow positive. I'm so thankful David is doing great and is playful. He is eating well and breastfeeding like a champ. This hospital stay has been much better than the one previously when he had the brain hemorrhage. David is more playful and the central lines are convenient for the nurses to administer the medications and draw blood samples. These type of infections are very common. There is no way to tell where he got the infection. It could have happened at home or at the hospital. The good thing is that he is fine, no sepsis, and the bacteria is a staphococcus, which is considered less harmful than some of the other bacteria. Meanwhile, we just have to wait and see if the daily blood samples grow. Please pray they do not.

Good news...the church found my cell phone! Thanks for your prayers. It pays to be persistent. I cannot pick up my phone until next week, so for now, please call me on Michael's phone: 408-340-0324 - if you need to.

So far we are still on schedule to come back on July 16 for the BMT.

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