Sunday, August 20, 2006

Day +19 Something fishy Going On Around Here

WBC 200
Platelets 9 - oh, my!
Weight 12.2

What is happening around here? Not much. No WBC. No platelets. Not much eating. How is he maintaining his weight? God must have intervened. What did he eat today? 2 oz whole milk, 1/2 chicken taquito, 3 oz Superfood, 1 oz yogurt, and breastmilk 6 times.

Why are the platelets so low? He's never had platelets that low in his life! He had his 5th transfusion today. This is what Dr. Wendy Wong said: his old marrow is gone, so he is not producing the same number he used to (around 35K). The platelets in the new marrow are the last to recover. David will most likely receive transfusions after going home. He only got a small bump from todays platelets to 57K. (David's note on the matter: v n n cvjcl jvvc vjclclvnkcvnc;nv;ncv jcncn cvnckcccnnojcxijccijmnhjnmhmhmhkmhmnhmm gnk oknnoknnnonnoonkn oknon k cfscsc sccc6css) We should see cells recovering by Day +25, which is this week - Saturday. He received IVIG today. Please pray for his appetite to increase so his cells can grow and he stays off of TPN. Also, pray for his platelets and that he does not have a brain hemorrhage because of them so low.

A group of volunteers dropped off two large bags of hand made crocheted blankets and scarves. He received a cream colored hand made crocheted blanket and a red/white scarf. They gave me 2 crocheted scarves and 2 more just the right size for my daughters. I'll post some pictures soon.
Another shipment of food arrived from my church family today. Homemade pizzas, whole wheat spinach quiche, smashed potatoes, and homemade macaroni. Thanks, guys and gals!


Anonymous said...

Time for me to fast and pray.

Anonymous said...

My 6 month old son, William has recently been diagnosed with WAS and I have been fascinated to read your blog. It has been very moving and informative too. I hope and pray that David makes a good recovery from the BMT and ultimately the WAS. I admire the courage that he, you and your whole family have shown.

Aimee said...

Let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to help in any way I can.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you,