Monday, August 21, 2006

Day +20

WBC 200
Platelets 16
Temp: 100.4
Weight: 12.2 kilos

This morning he was not feeling well because of a borderline fever. He went back to sleep from 9-10am. He only drank whole milk and breastmilk for breakfast. Around noon, the temp went back to normal and he was up playing. This was his first borderline fever and hope it stays that way. He ate gogurt, milk, dinner roll, and Wheat Thins for lunch. For dinner 10 bites of rice pilaf and 6 oz whole milk. The doctors say he is doing great.

No worries about the platelets. He will continue to get transfusions for awhile because platelets are the last type of cell to grow. Just need prayer for the safety of the transfusions, that they don't pass any unwanted organisms. He is not in danger of a brain hemorrhage because he receives the transfusions.

Lizzie said if he does not have good numbers by Day +28, next Tuesday, they will do a bone marrow aspirate to see how his new cells are doing. Please pray for the cells to grow this week.

He received (from Michael's mom's good friend) a handmade 9-patch quilt with a cowboy theme, colored reds, whites, and yellows. It's beautiful! I ran out of film but will try to post a picture soon. He demanded me to put the quilt on the alphabet mat so he could crawl under it and lay down. A book and many cards came today including a bunch from the church kids near South Dakota. They brought smiles and laughter to his day. A great big Thank You from both of us!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear things are going well so far.
Best wishes.

Sanna (mother of two WAS-boys)