Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day +21 Great News!

WBC 300
Platelets 47K
Weight 12.0

Thank you for your prayers! Guess what? His WBC is up to 300! I think his cells are on their way up! What joy this brought to us!

Lizzie, and three other nurses holding him down, took a nasal swab just in case his runny nose is a known virus. Until they get lab results, he is on contact isolation, so nurses have to wear gloves.

More developments: Lizzie will talk to Dr. Argawal to see if we can take him off of Actigal (med to prevent liver disease) because his liver has looked superb this whole time! The nutritionist said I can stop the calorie counts! What a load of pressure off! I guess she trusts he is getting enough. I had a chair massage today and the therapist did not charge me b/c I'm a mother. The therapist told me she is giving her bone marrow in two weeks to a baby.


Anonymous said...

Great news!

Anonymous said...

Aimee your family has been in our prayers and so happy David is doing better. We prayed for you in the Watsonville Church when Larry gave the sermon. Every one wants to know how David is doing!! He has gotten to be VERY popular!!We love you and miss your smiling face!!
Betty and Larry

Anonymous said...

I am so happy David's counts are coming up. Hang in there and be patient, bone marrow transplant is a slow process. I will pray that the platelets will return soon.