Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day +22

WBC 300 - low
Platelets 26 - low
hemoglobin 12.9 - good

He finally hit 38.2 C (100.7 F). According to protocol, Lizzie had to order antibiotics. He will be on Vancomyocin and Ceftazadine until his neutrophils grow past 500. The high temp could be caused by a line infection or the growth of white blood cells. Ester, the nurse, took blood samples from the lines. His nasal swab from yesterday came back negative. His blood pressure has been high for a child (122/89 normal is 99/64) on and off since yesterday. Lizzie said sometimes Prograf (immunosuppresant) causes high blood pressure. She put in an order so that if his pressure goes high again, they will give him a med for that. He received another platelet transfusion. Normally, they would let children's platelets go as low as 15K without transfusion. But they keep his above 50K because of his previous brain hemorrhage. He had slight red-man-syndrome from the Vancomyocin, so they gave him a dose of Benadryl. He feels warm and is not energetic tonight. Also, not eating only breastfeeding and drinking milk and a little superfood. I wish we had a small refrigerator in the room so I don't have to keep walking back and forth to the Day Room.

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David is in our prayers, as well as You and Michael and family.

Joan and Dale