Saturday, September 02, 2006

Day +32

WBC 1800
ANC 1400
Platelets 59
Hemoglobin 9.4
Weight 11.5

It's normal for the WBC to fluctuate. The fantastic news is that the platelets went up on their own! His rash is under control. He is not sleeping well, even after going on several walks and playing with other people. He is in trouble with his weight. Michael gave me the great idea that he cannot go outside unless he eats. That did the trick twice today. He ate cherrios twice, drank lots of whole milk, and had rice for dinner.

On our walk, we saw a grasshopper and the fountain. We walked around each floor for about 30 minutes. Unfortunately, we have the IV poll to cart around. When his line kinks or there is an IV problem, the machines beep and we have to return to the room. He's been cooperative for the most part. The steroids make him unpredictable. During his attitude, I've had to carry him, library books, and his scooter, all the while pushing the IV poll with a bottle of water balancing on the machine. It's been quiet today. No visitors.

Yesterday the girls visited. I took them to an Italian restaurant to celebrate David's engraftment. Michael has not visited in a long time b/c he has a summer cold.

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