Sunday, September 03, 2006

Day +33 and Platelets 76K

WBC 2100
ANC 1720
Platelets 76
Weight 11.6

I could not believe my eyes when I saw his platelets. The last time they were this high was when he was one month old. The reason he had the transplant was for low platelets. The hope and prayer of him living a normal life without bleeding problems is in the process of being answered.

There are so many friends and church family members who are thrilled with the engraftment news...and now the high platelets. We've had many people praying and fasting for David. Thank you.

His rash looks like it's gone. There are just a few dots on his hand. We have to wait until Tuesday for Lizzie to return so she can order a lower dose of steroids.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee, and family! I'm sorry I haven't been able to follow what's been going on until tonight...I skimmed through your summer! My prayers are with you, and I'm excited for you with his latest progress.

May the Lord keep your eyes on Him, as He cares for David, and you all! He IS Love, and will never forsake you!! May He give you strength, healing, and grace for today and tomorrow.