Sunday, October 29, 2006

Day +89

I'm not sure what the last counts were. We are going to clinic tomorrow and will get new counts. His hemoglobin dropped to 7.8 so he had a transfusion last Friday. His Prograf level was 14.8 (norm. 7-11) which freaked me out. I was told to skip a dose and drop it down to 3.5ml twice/day. His hair is slowly coming back. It's blonde and his skin is light, so it's not easy to see.

He is talking so much and we are immensely enjoying this stage. Although he is 2, he is not in his terrible two's. He is such a joy to play with and listen to. He is creative in speech, art, and play. He loves to play with speech. He teases me and plays jokes. He cracks us up so much! The girls love him to pieces.

We had a great weekend. I went home to clean and washed David's carseat. The girls got their flu shots then we went for a bike ride around Stanford. They forgot their arms hurt. I made dinner and gave them a bath. I felt like a mommy to them again.

I'm excited, anxious, and nervous about going back home.

My friend emailed me a solution to prevent IV tubing strangulations.

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