Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day +92

The counts are all in the normal range. The Prograf level came back 15.8! Much too high. We were told to skip two doses. He had a blood test and it went down to 7.5. Whew! This proved his kidneys are processing the meds. He is back on Prograf, but only 2ml. Tomorrow is clinic day and we should be able to decrease the steroids to .5ml.

He is eating a little better. Some days better than others. He needs to drink more fluids so he can come off overnight hydration.

Last night I walked to the front desk to take care of business. When I walked back, a raccoon walked right in front of me, literally. It was the weirdest, cutest thing. I could not stop myself from laughing! I thank God for all the critters He brought into our lives during the past 100 days! What a beautiful area to spend time in recovery. I highly recommend it. Giggle!

I've been trying to teach him to say "No, thank you." Something cute he says when I ask him if he wants something is "No, wees" which means "No, thank you," but he's really saying "No please." Sounds polite to me.

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