Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day +100 A Day to Celebrate

WBC 9000
ANC 7400
Hemoglobin 7.6 - very low
Platelets 272k - great number!
Weight 12.2 kilos - He is eating and drinking. He's never been a big eater.

He was anemic so he got a blood transfusion. His cheeks are pinkish color and he is acting more playful. We are not sure why the hemoglobin was so low. There are two theories. One is that he does have some type of virus that cannot be detected (they cannot detect every virus) and that is suppressing the bone marrow. The other theory is that he has Hemolytic Anemia where the red blood cells are being destroyed (can be caused by a virus, medication, or other things) and the marrow (being so new) cannot keep up. They drew more blood today. I'm waiting for the results. Meanwhile, I think I'll buy him a Hostess Cupcake to celebrate 100 Days! Just kidding, Honey! I'll update more later.

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Anonymous said...

Happy day 100! I am really happy for you guys. I remember when Baden reached that day, and I was so excited (he was discharged from the bone marrow transplant ward day 104 after transplant). I hope that the rash is better. Baden to this day gets bumpy rashes (mostly on his face). His doctor said that the transplant fixes the blood disorder and the immune problem, but not the rashes. Hang in there. Also, just wanted to say...great counts David...way to go!!!