Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day +99 Rash is Spreading

David's not feeling well this week. On Monday and Weds he vomited. His complexion is pale. His eyes droopy and lids pinkish. He is sleeping a lot (all through the night, 2-1/2 hour naps, and going to bed early at night). I noticed the rash was spreading. It's gone from his groin, to the bladder, to the stomach, to the neck, and patches on the back that are hard to see unless you get really close or feel them with your hand. The rash is little tiny pin-sized bumps. It's not an angry rash. You must get close to see it. I've only seen him itch the groin area, so I think that bothers him sometimes. Actually, the past 2 days, he has not itched much. As I recall, his GVHD during transplant, was under the skin not raised.

I took him to clinic to get checked out. Karen and Dr. Argawal think it may be a viral infection (a type of exanthem). However, Dr. Argawal said she thought it looked like GVHD, but her voice did not sound sure. In any case, if it is GVHD it will spread and show itself in the days ahead. If it's viral, it should go away soon. They ordered standard virus PCR blood tests.

Tomorrow is Day +100. They might not want us to go home until the rash thing is figured out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee,
I'm sure the rash is probably viral. I hope that it disappears quickly so you can go home soon. Sam used to always display some odd symptom which would delay our doctors visits. It always drove me crazy, but the good news is that all of the docs can see the rash and know what you're dealing with. It beats describing it over the phone or trying to take digital photos of it:) I had to do both quite a bit. Even though the kids are "cured" after the BMT people don't realize how any little thing can throw more worries our way. We're praying for the rash to go away. Take care and hang in there.

Anonymous said...

DEar David,

I hope you are going to home soon and your rash clears up. I know how much I miss my sister and daddy and know you must miss your too.




For the first time, Jacob is interested in another WAS kid. he wanted to "write".

I hope the rash is gone ASAP.