Thursday, January 04, 2007

+156 T-cells

WBC 5600
ANC 4700
Platelets 278k
Hemoglobin 9.2
Weight 12.9 kilos

Today was lab day and a physical exam by Dr. Dvorak. Blood was taken for the chimerism test (to recheck engraftment) and the results will be available in 7-10 days. The Prograf level was low 5.3 so the dose was increased to 4.3 mls/twice/day. Since there is no rash, the Prednisolone was decreased to 1.1 mls/once/day. Since Tuesday, he's had a gooey eye so Dr. Dvorak prescribed eye drops, but I don't have to fill it unless it gets worse. Today his eyes looked better. Dr. Dvorak went over the plan for David's treatment assuming the rash does not come back. There is light in the tunnel...IF HIS RASH DOES NOT COME BACK!

What's the scoop about T-cells? David's donor cells were not T-cell depleted. The T-cells are killer cells and have a very good memory. Mature T-cells live between 4 months to many years. It is David's donor's mature T-cells that are attacking his skin. The idea behind the immunosuppressants, is that the medication coats the mature T-cell, making it ineffective! Then the mature T-cell dies. We are waiting for his new marrow to produce immature T-cells. Those immature T-cells travel through his Thymus Gland and get educated according to David's body, then his body accepts the new line of immature T-cells, which grow up to be killer T-cells!

Please pray his rash does not come back. Please pray that the donor's old T-cells (which are currently attacking his skin) are made ineffective through the medications so that David's new marrow can produce new T-cells which his body will accept. Please continue to pray for his protection. He is on four immunosuppressants. We are on pins and needles!

Overall, things are looking fine. Dr. Dvorak gave us kudos because David has been infection free since transplant. He thinks we are responsible for that. I know God is the one responsible for all good things. We give thanks to Him for His good works in David, for it is He who makes things possible for those who seek Him.

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