Saturday, January 27, 2007

+179 Prednisolone and Prograf Levels

I would love to hear from other families who have mixed chimerism, especially in the lymphocytes.

The Prednisolone (steroid) was decreased to 1.5 ml/day. I split it up into .75ml/twice/day so it's easier on his system. The Prograf (immunosuppressant) was high (12.8) so they decreased the dose to 3.5ml/twice day. All the other meds are the same. Here is what he currently takes:

MMF (Cellcept) - .75ml/twice/day - immunosuppressant
Prednisolone .75ml/twice/day - immunosuppressant
Prograf 3.5m/twice/day - immunosuppressant
Folic Acid tablet/once/day
Multi Vitamin/once/day
Zenapax Infusion/twice/month - immunosuppressant
IVIG/once/month - immunoglobulins to boost immune system
Pentamadine/once/month - prevents pneumonia

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