Monday, April 30, 2007

+271 Admitted for Fever

WBC 5.8 - low (was 10.0 on Sunday - not sure what is going on)
Hemoglobin 8.3 (he will probably get a transfusion today)
Platelets 276 - normal
Weight 11.6 - went down

Since Friday morning he's had a low grade fever of 100. I did not call the doctors because everything else about him has been perfect. He was eating, playing, sleeping normally, etc. On Sunday afternoon it was 101.2 so I took him to emergency. He is looking great except for looking pale. He is eating, playing, talking...everything else is normal about him. He is in a goofy mood which is making our stay happier. Child Life came by with dinosaurs and the Craft Cart brought modeling clay, wiggly eyes, crayons, paper and stickers. He's having a good stay this time around!

They are giving him antibiotics (Ceftaz and Vanco) and monitoring for fever. So far no fever and no positive cultures. We'll be here until Tuesday afternoon unless something pops up on his blood cultures.

The good news...Dr. Argawal and Dr. Weinberg are fed up with his Hickman Central Line, so they are looking into having it removed this week!

The sulfa drug test has not come back yet.

I'm feeling great today, as is the rest of the family. I'm still getting headaches every week which last up to 48 hours but I don't have one today.

I've heard some excellent sermons at church lately that have helped me grow in faith and how to deal with this trial. I'm not sure what I would do without our church community constantly praying for us and showing concern.


Leslie Schwartz said...

I hope you and your family are continuing to remain strong through all of this. You are all certainly in my prayers!

Much love,
Leslie Schwartz

Aimee said...

Hi, Leslie. So far so good. We are remaining strong. We hope this is over sooner than later. David has been a goof ball during this stay in the hospital. His funny personality keeps us all going. We've been pretty much locked up all day in the room yet he finds creative ways to be funny. He is so polite to the nurses and doctors, which is a big help for all of us.