Wednesday, May 02, 2007

+273 Fever

I don't have any new blood counts except his Prograf level was 14.1 so they are making adjustments.

He broke a temp on Tuesday morning. His blood culture taken on Sunday when he was in ER grew Staphylococcus from the large lumen in his Hickman Line. The sensitivities are still pending to see what antibiotic it is sensitive to. He had a 103.1 fever at at 5am this morning. The nurse told him he had to take Tylenol for his fever. He cooperated very well. He was so proud of himself.

He's been doing fairly well when he doesn't have a temp. I took him for a stroller ride to the Stanford Cactus Garden. The cacti are in beautiful bloom. The garden has a huge variety of cacti so there are a lot of interesting shapes, sizes, and colors. We saw two Blue Belly Lizards which really perked David's spirits. I quickly stopped by Andronicos to get him a yogurt drink and he drank most of it. Just getting away from the hospital room, out into the fresh air, helped his appetite. He is breastfeeding too, which the nutritionists count as drink.

He is on the "add-on" list for surgery Thursday to have the Hickman Line removed. It's a quick surgery. Since he has a great number of platelets now the bleeding should be minimal. Got Platelets?!? They will give me an estimated time so I will know when to stop feeding him. They will give him an IV in his arm while he is sedated so he can continue to get IV antibiotics.

Not sure when we are going home. Two things need to happen. His blood cultures need to stop growing bacteria and he needs to be fever free for 24 hours. A couple of things to pray about.

The construction is still going on right under our floor. It's very annoying. At 6:45am, I woke up to the sound of an electric saw or sanding machine. David sleeps right through it.

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