Wednesday, May 02, 2007

VSD, Ultrasound, Blood Type

He had an ultrasound of his heart this morning. The VSD has not changed size. It is about 3.8mm. Last year his cardiologist said it was between 2-3mm. The person who is doing the ultrasound is not a cardiologist, so the measurements may not be accurate. They are also looking to see if he might have endocarditis (heart infection). Not likely because people with endocarditis are really sick.

They will stick his arm today for a peripheral blood culture because he still has a fever. Hopefully he will not have bacteria in his blood, a.k.a. sepsis.

Dr. Argawal is looking into his blood type conversion. The blood bank has some information that she is waiting on. She is going to review his past cross-and-types. She said it appears he is starting to convert over. There is a current article in the National Marrow Donor Program Newsletter called "Major ABO mismatch increases risk of graft failure in unrelated HCT" by Remberger M, et al. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant 2007; E pub ahead of print, April 13. It's a study done in Sweden on leukemia patients.

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