Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Great Looking Labs and Psychological Assessment

His labs look excellent. I'm not sure what the ABS Lymphocyte was but will check on that. Dr. Dvorak transferred to another hospital so we saw a retiree who is filling in for him. He made the comment that David's skin GVHD looks like acute GVHD, but is considered chronic because of the length of time he's had it. David was not cooperative with the doctors. He let the nurse poke him for the IV though.

Stanford called today to say they want to do a psychological assessment on David. I'm not sure if it is optional. They want to assess his development too. I'm not crazy about this because I'm sure he is developing fine, physically and emotionally. What's messing him up is the steroids. I'm surprised they want to do an assessment while he is on steroids. It doesn't make sense.

For those in similar circumstances, here is an article named "Quality of life and behavioral adjustment after pediatric bone marrow transplantation."

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Anonymous said...

Aimee and Family,

Talitha keeps me updated when I do not check your blogs. Prayers were requested on the UCG list and we are doing our best.

Hang in there.

Mom Ekama